BASYS Time is a card-based time attendance monitoring system. It is modular, web-based, simple to use and maintain, and offers universal data access. It consists of:

  • one or more terminals
  • communication modules and accessories
  • identification (ID) cards
  • relational database
  • software.


Terminals are electronic devices that register entries and exits. A terminal contains a card reader (proximity, magnetic, smart chip) and a communication interface, allows the definition of specific exit reasons, and memorises a certain number of transactions. Different types of terminals can be integrated into the BASYS Time system. Most installations were carried out using terminals of the GONG series, and some using Kaba Benzing and Zucchetti-TMC terminals.

Terminals are completely autonomous in operation. They acquire registrations 24 hours a day independently of computer activity, and transfer the data to a computer when it establishes connection. With standard batteries, terminals will accept registrations for 3 hours after being powered down. Even without external power, memorised registrations will remain preserved for up to 5 years.


Between the terminal and the computer, data are exchanged through a communication link. Depending on the BASYS Time configuration, several communication interfaces are available:

  • RS 232 – standard module in all terminals for communication up to 35 m
  • RS485 – standard module in most terminals for communication up to 1200 m; the computer must be equipped with an RS232/485/422 converter
  • Ethernet – this communication module is optional, whether built into the terminal or external
  • Modem – standard, ISDN or GSM modem is optional; the computer must be equipped with a modem of the same type

All communication interfaces take up one serial or USB port on the computer. If communication is done through a USB port, the computer must be equipped with a USB/RS232 converter.


Cards are a medium for authorisation and/or identification of persons, with one or more data carriers: magnetic stripe, contact or contactless chip, or any combination of these. Today, contactless CR-80 cards dominate for two reasons: advantages inherent to the contactless technology and easier graphic processing of the cards. (There are no card printing limitations normally imposed by a magnetic stripe or contact chip.)

BASYS Time supports various card types: passive read-only and programmable contactless cards, Mifare and Legic cards, magnetic cards with 1, 2 or 3 tracks, etc. More information on cards and their personalisation can be found on web pages dedicated to our identification products.


Owing to Microsoft technology and universal data access, BASYS Time is independent of the type of the relational database in which data is stored. Depending on the customer’s wishes and preferences, the software can operate with MS SQLMSDEMS Access and Oracle databases.


Software is the central part of the BASYS Time system, and consists of:

  • the client part of the programme for time and attendance registration
  • a programme for automatic acquisition of registrations (entry and exit times)
  • a programme for automatic calculation of attendance
  • a reporting module designed around Internet application Iregs
  • auxiliary programmes for data archiving and compression.

The system is comfortably parameterised via a graphic user interface:

  • definition of terminal network topology and communication parameters
  • definition of the company’s organisational structure
  • entering basic personnel data
  • definition of the working calendar
  • entering various types of working hours (physical presence, fixed, flexible, time off)
  • shift planning, etc.

The customer can use adaptable built-in reports or define his or her own. Data export to standard formats (Excel, CSV, etc.) is also supported.

Registration data can also be accessed remotely via a web interface. Only an Internet browser such as MS Internet Explorer is needed on the user’s computer. Using the same interface, an authorized user can change a subset of data, e.g. enter new employee records or correct faulty registrations.

For any technical or commercial information on the BASYS Time system, send an e-mail to, or contact us.

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