BASYS Access is INTIS’s system for control of access to protected areas, typically buildings or their parts. Its basic function is to grant access – entry or passage –  exclusively to authorized persons.

The system is configured according to its intended purpose and customer wishes. Its main parts are:

  • one or more identification terminals
  • door strikes (electromagnetic devices built into doorposts, allowing or preventing the door opening)
  • software for system configuration, supervision, control, and reporting.

The system can be supplemented by communication modules (RS232, RS485 or Ethernet), sensors for protected area supervision (end switches, magnetic or PIR sensors) and other auxiliary devices. Identification cards are within the scope of delivery of each system.

Depending on the chosen level of autonomy, BASYS Access can operate in two ways:

  • Online – Supervision and control in real time. Every operator’s action immediately affects the system operation, and all events are immediately displayed at supervision posts.
  • Offline – The system operates autonomously, in line with pre-defined parameters. Operator can overrule autonomous operation. Events are not immediately communicated to the operator, but are available upon his or her request.

System architecture is determined by the requirements of the protected area and specific customer requests. BASYS Access supports various solutions:

  • A network of intelligent terminals directly connected to the central computer
  • As above, but every intelligent controller terminal, directly connected to the central computer, additionally controls a number of non-intelligent reader terminals.

Identification Terminals

Terminals are electronic identification devices that are installed at access points to protected areas. Depending on the type of the terminal, persons are identified by reading the data memorized in their ID cards, or by biometric methods (fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, etc.).

Depending on the scope of their functions, terminals can be intelligent or non-intelligent. Intelligent terminals are programmable devices that autonomously decide whether to grant or deny access to a person that has just been identified (offline operation). The configuration data are stored in their built-in memory, as well as all data acquired during operation, such as data on granted accesses and attempted unauthorized accesses.

Non-intelligent terminals are simple devices that can identify persons and control door strikes, but cannot autonomously decide whether to grant or deny access. This decision is made at a higher level – by an intelligent controller terminal, computer or operator (online operation).

We deliver BASYS Access systems with terminals produced by renowned manufacturers Kaba Benzing and Zucchetti-TMC. As identification media, they accept contactless cards (RFID, LEGIC), magnetic or bar code cards. ID cards are personalised according to the customer’s requirements.


Complete BASYS Access software has been developed in the company. It is based on modern Microsoft .NET programming technology, which allows easy customization of both the program operation and the user interface.

Data are centrally stored in an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS. This results in adaptable reporting and easy data exchange with other systems.

The application part of BASYS Access software consists of several modules:

  • System configuration: entering data on users, operators, terminals and access profiles
  • System supervision:
    • graphic representation of protected area with indicated access points, terminals, etc.
    • tracking terminal activity (granted accesses, attempts of unauthorized access, burglaries, etc.)
  • Report customization and printing

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