The need for unambiguous identification is increasing daily. TIM ID System is a solution for visual and electronic personalization of ID cards and other plastic cards (credit and debit cards, health insurance cards, consumer cards, etc.).

The system has been developed in INTIS. It has an open architecture and is therefore simply adjusted to meet the user requirements. It consists of several parts:

PhotoBase Programme Package

PhotoBase is a simple and efficient tool for ID cards design, allowing the definition of test and final card design in short time. It is used to simultaneously define both the graphic layout of the card and the record to be written into on-card electronic media: magnetic stripe, smart chip, etc.

Graphic layout can be prepared in any standard tool (Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw, Macromedia Freehand, etc.). It can combine logos, fixed and variable texts, photographs, barcodes, and other graphic elements.

PhotoBase highlights are:

  • accepts input from standard databases:
    • MS QSL, MSDE, MS Access and Oracle databases
    • EXCEL and dBase tables
    • textual (ASCII) files
  • selection of tables and data fields to be printed on the card
  • defining records to be written into the on-card electronic media
  • inserting photographs taken with a digital camera
  • selection of barcode types, etc.

ID Cards Printing

PhotoBase enables easy, quick, and quality printing of the desired number of cards on one of the ID card printers that is supplied as a part of the TIM ID system. Along with printing, appropriate data can be recorded on the magnetic stripe or written into the contact or contactless chip.
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