The modern way of life and the development of technology impose a growing need for using plastic cards in a number of everyday and work areas. INTIS has delivered over 6 million pre-printed ID, membership, healthcare and loyalty cards to domestic and foreign customers.

Pre-printed cards have the common part of the graphic layout brought onto them in the course of manufacturing. In large series this results in a significantly lower price per card compared to the cards fully printed on a card printer. For smaller series, we recommend our TIM ID Card System as a more profitable solution.

Pre-printed cards find their application mostly in:

  • Healthcare: basic and additional health insurance, private health insurance
  • State and regulatory bodies: identification cards, drivers licences
  • Education: student ID cards
  • Banks: credit and debit cards, electronic payment
  • Trade: discount and loyalty cards
  • Transport: passes and pay toll cards
  • Telecommunications: prepaid scratch-off cards, GSM SIM cards, public telephone cards
  • Companies and associations: membership cards, employee ID cards, etc.


We offer delivery and/or personalization for all card types. The minimum order is only 1000 pieces. Customers can choose one or more of the available card treatments:

  • one- or two-sided printing in a desired number of colors
  • additional metallic silver and/or gold color
  • magnetic HC or LC stripe
  • signature strip
  • serial personalization by:
    • numeration or embossing
    • magnetic stripe, contact or contactless chip programming
    • barcode printing
  • holographic protection against forgery

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