Automated Retail Platform

Televend, a real-time management system for the self-service, vending & coffee service industry, is a primary brand of Intis company. It is the leading IoT vending platform in Europe.

Televend helps with the entire self-service business process. Such as monitoring sales data and machine status in real-time, planning routes for fillers and technicians, enabling cashless and mobile payments, managing customer satisfaction through its very own engagement and loyalty platform, and many more.


Access Control and Time Tracking

Basys system is another Intis product focused on building automation.

Basys Time is a card-based time attendance monitoring system for working hours time tracking.

Basys Access is a card-based system for access control to protected areas, typically buildings or restricted business areas.

Basys Guard is a solution for monitoring rounds made by security, fire service, and maintenance staff.

Mechanical Engineering and Automation Projects

Part of an Intis group, Intis Engineering worked on some crucial capital projects in engineering and automation of the most demanding technological processes worldwide for the last 30 years.

It is a company with a long renowned history and subsidiaries all over the world. Their main areas of work are the automation of industrial integrated projects and capital investments in the metal industry, mines, automotive, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, and power generation.

Intis Engineering