Our products are based on its own development of industrial electronics and software as well as the extensive cooperation in developing joint products from partner companies around the world. Our strategic focus is the development and production of devices combining the latest technologies in the field of electronics, software solutions and communication techniques.

We manufacture specialized equipment for use in specific technology environments where we are trying to “go all the way” when it comes to functionality, reliability, reasonable price and in full knowledge of the interfacing application in this sector. Working for nearly two decades on the development of industrial electronics and software for the Employer worldwide follows the latest international trends and use the most powerful software tools with special attention to quality. This knowledge install with great joy and enthusiasm in their own products.

About us
INTIS d.o.o.
Bani 73a, Buzin
HR-10010 Zagreb, HRVATSKA
tel.: +385 1 7890-800
fax: +385 1 7890-888