As a result of the efforts invested in its original core business, INTIS has developed secondary activities, whether they were necessary for the advancement of basic operations (for example our own development department and our own production of low voltage cabinet) or were spontaneously created using the experience achieved in very complex projects.

Inits recognized that the complex solutions applied in managing demanding industrial processes can be applied to other less demanding processes and thus launched some of their other product groups such as INTIS latest product Televend.


Since its foundation in 1989., Intis pays great attention to following the latest technological trends. INTIS has its development department, which primarily upgrades Intis products, but also provides development services to its partners.


Our production staff is trained and equipped for all kinds of mechanical and electrical work in our workshop and on site, including installing electrical devices in hazardous areas. Our technicians are individually certified for these operations by an independent agency.


INTIS pays special attention to the training of both employees and the customers’ personnel, having a training center at own premises in Zagreb equipped with simulators and other software tools.


Our maintenance team consists of experienced engineers and technicians, and is equipped for performing maintenance in complex systems and plants. We offer predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance with around-the-clock standby.

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