INTIS’s maintenance personnel services various automation devices and systems in  building management, delivered by INITS and by other suppliers.

Our maintenance team consists of experienced engineers and technicians, and is equipped for performing maintenance in complex systems and plants. We offer predictivepreventive and corrective maintenance with around-the-clock standby.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is performed in plants equipped with Technical Information Systems (TIS). Analyzing acquired data on the state of devices and the plant, TIS suggests the time and scope of maintenance operations.

Compared to preventive maintenance with fixed servicing periods and scope, based on average values, predictive maintenance:

  • saves time and material in servicing below-average strained components
  • prevents failures and breakdowns of above-average strained components.

Preventive Maintenance

A preventive maintenance contract can encompass a range of activities:

  • detailed inspection of hardware
  • reviewing, updating and archiving of technical documentation
  • reviewing and archiving of programmes, configurations and parameters
  • making spare parts lists and inspection of spare parts on stock
  • recommending spare parts to be procured, based on their importance for the plant operation and terms of supply
  • assistance with spare parts procurement and purchase
  • checking and adjusting programme parameters
  • checking the quality of the communication network
  • additional training of the client’s staff for operation and/or maintenance of devices and systems
  • writing servicing procedures
  • consulting during purchase, installation and commissioning of new equipment

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is performed upon client’s request. Depending on the location and type of the plant and the type of failure, we guarantee starting the corrective actions in the period from 3 to 48 hours after the emergency call. The exact period is stated in the contract. Corrective maintenance actions cover:

  • timely arrival at the place of failure
  • failure analysis
  • assistance with the spare parts procurement and purchase, should the client not have them on stock
  • repair
  • device or plant re-commissioning

Our maintenance clients can report failures via the web page dedicated to problem reporting.

During testing we use our own test and measuring equipment, which is regularly calibrated in specialised laboratories with traceability to the national standard.

The quality & environmental management system at INTIS, complying to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, prescribes all production and test procedures, including creation and archiving of records documenting the input control, production flow, testing results and all detected non-conformities. With environmental protection in mind, waste created in the workshop is being carefully selected and disposed of through authorised organisations.

Finished products are packaged and dispatched in compliance with internal procedures, contractual and legal requirements, as well as customer’s wishes.

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