At our premises we operate a 600 m2 workshop. In it, we manufacture various types of low-voltage cabinets for industry, power industry and traffic:

  • PLC and DCS cabinets for machines, production lines and plants automation
  • Control, protection and measurement cabinets for production, transmission and distribution of electric energy
  • Switchboards for low-voltage distribution plants of various configurations, up to 3200 A
  • Control cabinets for motor control centres (MCC)
  • Cabinets for regulated electric-motor drives
  • Road and railway traffic control cabinets
  • Cabinets for areas with special requirements (e.g. hazardous areas with explosive gas atmospheres)
  • Wall-mounted and standing pulpits
  • Junction boxes and other mechanical and electrical connecting components

Our production staff is trained and equipped for all kinds of mechanical and electrical work in our workshop and on site, including installing electrical devices in hazardous areas. Our technicians are individually certified for these operations by an independent agency.

Before use, each component is subjected to rigorous incoming inspection. It guarantees the use of high-quality and conforming components only, and ensures their traceability.

Prior to delivery, the products are subjected to extensive testing in accordance with:

  • International standard IEC 60439
  • Other international and national standards according to customer’s and end user’s requirements
  • Specific contract requirements.

The customers and end users are invited to personally attend the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

During testing we use our own test and measuring equipment, which is regularly calibrated in specialised laboratories with traceability to the national standard.

The quality & environmental management system at INTIS, complying to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, prescribes all production and test procedures, including creation and archiving of records documenting the input control, production flow, testing results and all detected non-conformities. With environmental protection in mind, waste created in the workshop is being carefully selected and disposed of through authorised organisations.

Finished products are packaged and dispatched in compliance with internal procedures, contractual and legal requirements, as well as customer’s wishes.

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