SBB (Smart Bank Branch) is INTIS-es concept of a new distribution channel for banks which allows the end users to make bank transactions using video conference technology in same way as if they are in the building of the bank.

  • Significantly lowers transaction costs for the bank
  • Allows the bank to open a branch in places where it would otherwise be unprofitable (for example on islands during the tourist season, on places with smaller population)
  • SBB is a smart bank branch and is a platform not only for providing bank services (pre- paid voucher, tickets for cultural and sport events…)
  • Equipped with all of the necessary equipment for remote control of the units and with technology for providing all of the financial transactions, just like in a real bank.

How does it work?

SBB how does it work

Connectivity between SBB and the bank

SBB as a solution also includes a complete network infrastructure towards the operation center of the bank, infrastructure needed for teleconferencing and a dispatch center from where the bank operators control functions of the SBB. Dispatch center includes work places of bank operators, application for SBB control and application for managing waiting lines for SBB units.

SBB bank connection

Types of transactions

SBB transactions

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