INTIS refurbished or delivered new supervision, control, protection, regulation, synchronisation, measurement and power supply systems for more than 20 Hydro Power Plants with installed power per plant up to 550 MVA.

We are capable to offer engineering solutions for:

  • HPP local and remote control and supervision
  • Generators and transformers – supervision, protection, measurement and control
  • Turbines
    • Turbine regulation
    • Start – stop automation
    • Flow measurement
  • Switchyards (extra high, high and medium voltage) – supervision, protection, measurement and control
  • Hydromechanical equipment – supervision, regulation, control and measurement
    • inlets, penstocks, spillways, butterfly and ball valves, level, flow, position etc.
  • AC & DC power supply
  • Auxiliaries – supervision, control, measurement
    • cooling, drainage, compressed air, air conditioning, ventilation, heating
  • Registration of electrical and non-electrical quantities (energy counters etc.)
  • Timestamping
  • Time synchronization (GPS, DCF77, …)
  • Telecommunications (installation of optical communication cables in plants and water tunnels), etc.
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