Banner3INTIS has a long term experience in power energy and has successfully managed numerous projects in the area of energy efficiency and generally in using renewable sources of energy. Experience in working with biomass and wind turbine plants are a proof of high competence of our engineers, and in solar projects we utilize this experience by showing a high degree of knowledge, flexibility and adaptation to different customer needs.

INTIS enables their customers to completely let their solar projects into hands of our engineers who will catch the energy of the sun in a most efficient way! We offer solar projects as a turnkey solution, which means that we will do everything from obtaining the paperwork and permits, designing the plant, installing it, to maintenance. We also offer a business model by which we offer our clients to rent us their roof surface for our solar plant systems.

Together with our partners we offer solar projects by European standards and during the installations of solar plants we use the most advanced technology and quality equipment from producers whose components have been proved in numerous systems which we’ve installed all over Germany.

We cooperate with leading European banks and do feasibility studies by their standards for solar projects. This means that our clients can get support from us for acquiring the bank loan for financing their investment. For clients we prepare all of the documentation asked from a bank – list of equipment suppliers, cost list for equipment and maintenance, technical specification of equipment, structure of the investment, revenue projections for the duration of the loan, cash flow projections.

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