INTIS has taken part in construction or refurbishment of a dozen Thermal Power Plants and Waste Incineration Plants in several countries. In all of these projects our engineers have supplied the complete software for energy production automation and have taken part in the TPP commissioning. In some projects INTIS supplied the equipment as well.

Automation system in a power plant ensures rapid adaptation of all its systems to variations in demand dictated by the electrical grid and the process energy system. It also provides optimal control in transient modes such as start-up and shut-down, and safety of the plant under all operating conditions.

Process control software supplied by INTIS manages three principal groups of closed control loops in power plants:

  • Load Control and Frequency Response. Depending on the type of the plant, its response to variations in grid demand and frequency is controlled by means of the Gas Turbine and/or Burner Management system.
  • Secondary Closed Control Loops maintain process parameters such as levels, temperatures and pressures within permissible limits.
  • Component-Specific Closed Control Loops ensure safe operation of individual pieces of equipment. Examples are pump minimum flow control and lubrication oil pressure control.

Our experience and expertise extend to automation systems in these types of TPPs:

  • Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants
  • Biomass Power Plants
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Waste Incineration Plants

Regarding automation systems in these plants, we offer complete engineering, programming, equipment supply, installation, testing and commissioning, including the integration of the automation system with the existing instrument and electrical systems of the power plant.

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