Intis offers systems for passenger counting in public transport .

The system allows operators optimize the schedule and therefore significant savings. It is based on infrared technology and is fully autonomous with its own data transmission via GSM / GPRS or WLAN and its own GPS locator. Integration with third party systems on the vehicle are also possible.

Why passenger counting

  • Optimization of map and schedule, which directly leads to fuel savings and increased customer satisfaction . With the help of Intis system for counting passengers – operators can accurately measure vehicle occupancy during the day and thus increases or decreases the number of vehicles for each particular line
  • Summary of average number of passengers on the train , tram and bus lines
  • Fraud detection
  • Customize advertising price list in relation to the vehicle occupancy

System Configuration

  • IR sensors on each door
  • Embedded PC that collects data from all sensors
  • GPS locator that determines the position of the vehicle
  • Internet portal on which the following statistics and reports are avaliable

Features and capabilities

Infrared sensors :

  • Rugged sensors specifically designed for harsh conditions in vehicles ( vibration, temperature changes , etc.)
  • High degree of accuracy – more than 95 %
  • Accurate counting in crowded situations
  • Data transfer from the vehicle to the Internet portal in real time

Communication with the center :

Communication with Intis passengers counting system takes place via network platform which ensures scalability , high availability, security, and data collection from remote locations.

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