Informiranje putnika

INTIS has furnished eight large railway stations with complete passenger information systems.

Passenger information systems are used in railway and bus stations, airports and ferry piers, and other areas where passengers have to be punctually informed about the timetable, time and place of arrival and departure, possible delays, etc.

Satisfactory passenger information includes:

  • Transmission of visual information via information boards, monitors, plasma or LCD screens, etc.
  • Transmission of audio information via public address systems
  • Accurate time display
  • Availability of information via the Internet (web) or mobile phones (SMS, WAP)

Our passenger information system PASIS (PASsenger Information System) complies with all requirements listed above and is the basis of our offer, which includes:

  • Design of passenger information systems
  • Development of appropriate software
  • Equipment delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance during operation

Elements of the PASIS system can be delivered as a complete passenger information system, integrated into an existing system, or delivered as separate products:

  • System supervision and control centre with user interface
  • Intelligent information boards in LED technology
  • Clock control system
  • Adaptive public address system
  • Digital signage system that manages both information and advertisements, alternating their display on monitors and plasma or LCD screens
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