INTIS supplies complete solutions for road tunnel supervision and control, which guarantee unobstructed traffic flow  in road tunnels, and ensure a safe and comfortable journey for passengers.

For effective tunnel control, several subsystems must be integrated into a consistent system. Its proper functioning is most important in emergency cases, when it must timely provide all necessary information on the tunnel state to the tunnel operating personnel. Comprehensive tunnel control consists of:

  • Tunnel power control (substations, uninterrupted power supplies)
  • Lighting control
  • Ventilation control
  • Traffic signalization control
  • SOS emergency call system control
  • Acquiring fire detector data and control of fire-fighting system, including water accumulation and distribution
  • Video system control
  • Acquiring weather data and data on visibility and carbon monoxide concentration in the tunnel
  • Acquiring traffic density data

Automatic ventilation control system, based on the tunnel mathematical model, guarantees that the safe condition in the tunnel (good visibility and low CO concentration) will be continually maintained, simultaneously saving the energy and reducing the number of hjet fan on/off cycles. This again results in savings due to the extension of their lifetime and decrease in maintenance costs.

INTIS offers diverse solutions for road tunnel supervision and control, in line with the provisions of the European directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements for tunnels on the trans-European road network:

  • In-house developed tunnel supervision and control system TRINS Tunnel (TRaffic Intelligence System)
  • Deign of road supervision and control systems
  • Development of appropriate application software
  • Equipment delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance in warranty period and afterwards

Elements of the TRINS Tunnel system can be delivered as a complete tunnel supervision and control system, integrated into an existing system, or delivered as separate products:

  • Remote stations
  • Traffic counters
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Signaling equipment (variable traffic signs in LED technology, traffic lights)
  • Automatic ventilation control system (tunnel mathematical model)
  • A SCADA program package for Tunnel Supervision and Control Centers.

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