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Televend Wallet – for developments related to smartphone cashless payment on vending machines nonrefundable funds have been granted by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments – HAMAG-BICRO.

Televend machines

Televend is the complete solution for managing a vending business online, enabling customers to easily monitor and configure their vending machines from a remote location, track changes and plan their resources.

The goal of Televend is to add value to an existing business while introducing additional services and optimizing the current ones. The system consists of three parts:

  • Televend Device
  • INTIS Cloud Platform
  • Vending Portal
Televend how does it work   

Televend Device

Easily fitted into any vending machine, the Televend device provides standard hardware interface for connecting your machine to the INTIS Cloud platform, regardless of the manufacurer,  machine type or age.  Supports all industry communication standards such as EVA-DTS, Executive, DEX, MDB  etc.

Features wireless GSM communication and remote machine configuration capablilities, tracks and monitors all machine transactions and events.

INTIS Cloud Platform


Integrated network platform for connecting M2M applications and products.  The platform enables customers to connect their assets over a secure and flexible cloud service.  Its inovative architecture provides scalability and security for remote data  collection and product management.

Provides easy integration into existing networks and ERP systems via web service standards such as SOAP,REST or proprietrary APIs.  Enables added-value services such as SMS payment.

Vending Portal

Televend web portal - karta

The INTIS web portal provides customers with a convenient and powerful way to manage their vending business,  from one place online. Its feature-rich interface includes capabilities such as: machine sales reporting, map overview and status monitoring, product and payment management, remote machine configuration, real time notification and event tracking, service route management.

The multirole interface enables users throughought the organization to get the data they need. Executives can see the sales figures and reports for the entire company, or they can drill down to a specific location or machine. The service managers can optimize their service routes and utilize their resources more effectively.

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Televend is in other words a powerfull tool which transforms your existing vending machines into an interactive sales points thus allowing you considerable optimization of  costs, service and maintenance optimization and SMS payment. Visit Televend web site for more information.

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