Smartbox is a family of devices for unattended retail and tracking of real-time sales data through a web portal. With Smartbox devices, you simply expand your distribution network and also expand the time availability of your sales points. You optimize costs of supply and stocking of the products and can track your sales data with more accuracy.

Smartbox devices are based on INTIS-es Smart Selling Framework which is a programming platform for selling virtual and physical products. Virtual products are reached over the internet like for example telecom vouchers or concert tickets. Physical products are stored inside of the self-service device like cigarettes, juices, etc.

Smartbox supports cash payment in various currencies, cashless payment with both contact and contactless bank cards (MasterCard, Visa, American, Diners), and mobile payment (QR code, NFC, and NFC).

Smartbox is built to be modular and that characteristic enables quick and simple customization that meets a wide spectrum of customer demands and needs.

Smartbox family of devices are connected with the INTIS-es Cloud platform. A safe virtual environment that enables real-time sales data overview,  sales report generation, product and payment configuration in real-time, device status check, and real-time events notifications.

Other products

vending telemetry system

Televend Wallet – for developments related to smartphone cashless payment on vending machines nonrefundable funds have been granted by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments – HAMAG-BICRO.

automated sales points

Nanobox family of devices are used as automated sale points for digital products and card/ticket sales. INTIS developed multipurpose software and hardware platform that can support various types.

Smart Bank

SBB (Smart Bank Branch) is INTIS-es concept of a new distribution channel for banks which allows the end users to make bank transactions using video conference technology in same way as if they are in the building of the bank.

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